For a bit of fun, and for the first time, QCG is planning to enter the Australian Photographic Society’s Australian Cup and we are seeking your involvement.

This is an inter-club competition, with each club submitting 20 entries. The competition has an open subject and images can be colour or black and white – so with such broad criteria, we know that all members of the club (any grade) will potentially have an entry!

We would love you to submit up to two of your most amazing images for consideration.  They can be new images or old images. They may be images you have previously entered into QCG competitions, or they may be images we have never seen before.

The only rule is that the images must not have been entered into the APS Australian Cup before. Also, if you are a member of several camera clubs, you may only enter images on behalf of one club.

We are using MyPhotoClub to run the process of selecting our entries.

  • Go to
  • Select the grey Members button.
  • From the list of open competitions, select ‘APS Australian Cup Preselection’.
  • Submit up to two entries in the usual way. Size limits are the same as our usual club limits. Don’t forget you can easily upload images you have used in club competitions this year, using ‘Select from existing uploaded images’.

We will also trial a feature of MPC called online scoring, to allow all QCG MPC members to anonymously rate the images, to help the selection committee choose the final 20! More information about that later.


  • April 20 Entry submission to QCG opens.
  • May 9       Entry submission to QCG closes.
  • May 10     All QCG MPC members are invited to score images online.
  • May 16     Online scoring closes.
  • May 17 -19     Highest scoring images will be considered by a QCG panel and the final 20 chosen.
  • May 20 QCG uploads our 20 images into the APS Australian Cup competition.
  • May 24     APS Australian Cup entries close.

You can check out previous years’ winners at via the Catalogues button.

To put our entry together, the club urges all active members to submit their two best images for consideration.  Let’s show Australia how brightly the QCG light shines!