Because we haven’t had a print competition for so long, this is an extra reminder to leave yourself time to get your images printed. Social Documentary and Nature images are due Thursday 15th October.

Up to one Print and one DPI may be entered for each subject. Images must not have been submitted in a previous club competition.

Points will be included in the Aggregate competition.

Please check the subject guidelines for these two topics – the definitions are in the Handbook and also on the MPC entry pages. Just a hint – ‘Nature’ has quite inflexible guidelines, while our guidelines for Social Documentary are very broad.

Remember that all Prints must have a DPI sized version entered in MyPhotoClub as well.

Please contact Anne or Elizabeth (for contact details go to the grey Competition Update button) to arrange a time to drop off your prints, since we don’t have a face-to-face meeting on Thursday 15th October.