And now for something completely different!

As a change from our usual Monthly Aggregate competitions, our Portfolio night competitions Three Related Images and the AudioVisual competition are on the horizon.

Three Related Images
Entries are now open via MyPhotoClub and due by Sept 23. This year the competition will include DPIs only. You may enter either

  • Three separate visually related DPI images, OR
  • One single three-part image (e.g. a triptych)

If entering three images: Give each image the same title, followed by 1, 2 or 3, and then an optional subtitle. Otherwise your images may not be judged in the correct order. E.g. Flight 1, Flight 2, Flight 3; or Light painting 1 Pink ball, Light painting 2 Blades of fire, Light painting 3 Blue fire circles

If entering one three-part image: You must upload the same image three times, from your hard drive. The title should be the same for all images.

This competition is judged by a past or current president of the club, often with the assistance of members! Yes, this year you will have the chance to score all entries yourself, quite anonymously, and the judge will take the member scores into consideration.  More information about that after the competition closes!

The winner of this competition receives the Stewart Parker Perpetual Trophy at the end of year dinner.

If you need some inspiration, check out last year’s gallery

AudioVisual Competition
Entries are due by Sept 23. All the information you need can be found under the grey Competitions Resources button in MPC – including guidelines and FAQ, instructions for submitting entries via Dropdox, useful information from last year’s AV judge and September Focus group presenter Glenn Rossiter, and links to examples created by members in previous years.

Happy composing!